Dream Post 8: A witch and a baby.


I was in my house and I was pregnant and another couple was there and I was having stomach pains and my husband (Jeff?) check my temperature and I had a fever so we called the doctor and apparently my baby was dead but then he did all these things to make it alive one of which was cut a hole below my left breast with a saw with no numbing but I didn’t end up feeling it.

Then my baby was still dead but I was convinced it was alive and my husband was going through all the things he could have done wrong to kill the baby and my mom and I were trying (silently?) to convince him he didn’t do anything wrong.

Then there was a witch and she was going to kill me and take my baby and she said I could destroy whatever I wanted in my house and there were certain things I could kill to get back at her and I tried to figure out the right things but I was having a hard time figuring it out, and then she told me to jump out a window and the left was something and the right was something so I jumped out of the right and I don’t know if that was the right one or not but then she was laughing. So then I had to watch as my husband came back and I was gone and it turns out he was planning with this witch (I think he was under a spell) and they were trying to rid my things of the house, and meanwhile he slowly forgot who I was.

The end.


About sorellaaglio

I am 26. I love nature. I love trying new things, and I love children. I love cooking, baking, and sometimes even cleaning. I am an organized mess, and yet manage to eat three meals a day and get eight hours of sleep a night. If you stop by, I'll feed you and make you a mixed CD. Oh, and I am a fan of you.
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