Dear Ms. Suleman, Dr. Phil

Dear Ms. Suleman, and Dr. Phil,

I am concerned about the business venture you’ve begun. Ms. Suleman, It is no surprise that the public has latched onto your story and formulated its opinions. I also have my opinion: The birth of eight children into the world, given its current state, is irresponsible. I do believe you will care and love each of your children, but I wonder if you stopped to think of how you’d care for each of them when they were infants, toddlers, teenagers.

That said, it is not my life, and I don’t intend on imposing my beliefs on others. But I am sorry to hear that Dr. Phil has involved himself into your family’s story.

Dr. Phil, although I understand that Ms. Suleman needs financial and medical help and relief, I disagree with your venture to help raise money for her. Yes, those eight babies need care, love, and food. Yes, I believe someone should help them.

But using your fame, TV show, and career to benefit a woman who made (what some see as an unwise) choice to have eight children (adding to her six she already has) is unreasonable. In a world where stocks are tumbling, people are losing their homes, and there are already thousands of children homeless and malnourished, you are asking people to give a bit of themselves to someone who made a choice.

The choice was Ms. Suleman’s to make, and her doctor’s. Her doctor let her down by allowing the procedure to happen in the first place. But you will be letting her down, and America down, by allowing her unwise choice to continue to manifest by asking us for a handout.

Ms. Suleman has a home, and friends and family. She has a support system. She doesn’t need America’s attention, too. Americans shouldn’t be asked to help out this woman. Ms. Suleman made her life, and others shouldn’t be asked to clean up after her.

Dr. Phil, you should spend your time helping the hopeless, those who truly need it, not helping a woman who has made a media-spectacle of her family.

Ms. Suleman, you’ve made your bed. You know the rest.

Dr. Phil, I’m disappointed. I’d expect more from any doctor.

Thank you,



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