Terminator Salvation


Jeff, Andrew, Cor and I went to see Terminator Salvation last night. I was worried I was going to cough and sneeze through the whole thing, but luckily it is an action movie, so it was VERY loud and thus not a problem when I did cough, anyways.

The movie was good, entertaining, and I love me some Christian Bale. I also liked the scenes when they were in L.A., because I know where they are even though L.A. is destroyed and I think that’s interesting. But, as Jeff pointed out at the end of the movie, there were some times in the movie when I was asked to suspend my disbelief that I just quite frankly could not suspend any further.

I won’t give anything away, and I think you should probably watch it at some point because the whole Terminator world is very interesting, but all I am saying is there were things that could have been explained better (aka times when the robots should have won and someone humans managed to out think or out race them.)

I did get milk duds, which I love, and a diet soda, however, so I can’t complain too much. Plus the whole future changes the past changes the future movie theme really appeals to me. All that’s left to do now is to see Terminator 3.

Memorial day weekend is this weekend, and Jeff and I are planning on doing a whole bunch of nothing. What are y’all up to??


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