This weekend will be:

This weekend will be:

Fast. Full of travel. Full of planes: four. Two layovers. Airport food, and lots of coffee. coffee, coffee, coffee. It will be beautiful, and full of tears. It will include good food, friends, and family. Include lots of photos, makeup, bobby pins. Include new friends, old friends, new concepts, old concepts. It will be eye liner (over, and over), heels, three shades of silver, and waterproof mascara (for the tears, of course.) It will be sunshiny, hot, summery. It will be everything B and B hoped it would be. And more.

It will be perfect.

Happy Wedding, B and B. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow. I am so excited.


About sorellaaglio

I am 26. I love nature. I love trying new things, and I love children. I love cooking, baking, and sometimes even cleaning. I am an organized mess, and yet manage to eat three meals a day and get eight hours of sleep a night. If you stop by, I'll feed you and make you a mixed CD. Oh, and I am a fan of you.
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