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Lilith 2010…

3 o’clock. hot. hot hot. sunglasses. so hot you can’t stand in the sun. tampon tent, lily pad. friends, family. picking up where you left off. hugs all around. moist towel, rewetting. water, popcorn,┬ápistachios, snacks. laughing so hard i might … Continue reading

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Hey, Nice Wings.

Back in the day, when I was a child, my family and I went to a few runs of the Lilith Fair. We are big fans of Ms. Sarah McLachlan. She is kind of a theme song player in our … Continue reading

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Sunday is…

waking up before your alarm. ten minutes to nine. first stop: kitchen. waffles, with the neighbor. attempted Amish Friendship bread: failure leading to tomato, onion, cheese omelet. one failed waffle. five good ones. bacon. breakfast as a family, four become … Continue reading

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Listen through silence.

I wanted to share a few song lyrics this week, but sometimes when you post something people assume that you’re feeling that way. So disclaimer: I am not experiencing this emotion, but rather the memory of it, which always stays … Continue reading

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New Music: Fridays

I went to Amoeba last Sunday, but I’ve had such a whirlwind week it was hard for me to find time to write this post. I finally own: “The Madding Crowd” by Nine Days “…Somewhere More Familiar” by Sister Hazel … Continue reading

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Concerts: Am I too old?

Jeff and I were discussing Michael Jackson. It was nearly 8:00. The doors had opened at 7:00, but I was trying to be an adult and not a whiny teenager, so I wanted to get there for the main event, … Continue reading

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Partial set list (not including new tracks I didn’t know the names of): Faster Non-dairy Creamer Graduate I Want You Semi-Charmed Life Wounded Never Let You Go Crystal Baller Motorcycle Driveby Don’t Believe a Word Palm Reader I Want You … Continue reading

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