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and, all I did was laugh…

These girls, they are my girls. They made me laugh and laugh for one week straight. Here are the better shots of us laughing all the way home…

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This weekend was:

Sunshine. Scrambled eggs. My favorite girls. Tunes in my kitchen. Yoga at the gym. “Oh, we’re subleasing.” Downward facing dog. Triangle. Airplane. Walking home in the sunshine. Packing for the beach. Books, towels, blankets, pizza. Sun. In the car, tunes … Continue reading

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“Your kitchen looks a lot bigger online.”

This is what Jeff’s brother said when he came to visit us in late June. Here are some photos from the bonfire at Dockweiler we had while he was visiting…it was like a pre-game to July 4th.

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The fourth of July is…

clouds at six forty five. no fire pits open. A Christmas Miracle: a fire pit on the often-forgotten RV side of the park. 7:10 and on the beach, emailing. still cloudy. gluten-free granola and yogurt. on the blanket. under the … Continue reading

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July 4: Year two, things learned, plan in place.

Friends. In a few short days, we will be embarking on the July 4th that will be perfect. After last year’s lessons learned, we are modifying our plans, and making a lot of lists. Are you ready for this? To … Continue reading

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That’s the sound of sunshine comin’ down…

Guys. It’s Friday. Almost the weekend! Summer hours! Things on my plate include: A fabulous day tomorrow of either sightseeing or getting my house’s act together. An equally fabulous Sunday that involving the beach and a bonfire, complete with a … Continue reading

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Creatures of the Ocean…

  Do you see the fin?   Do you see the people in the water with the fin??   You’ve gotta see the fin now.   But don’t worry, it was merely a pod of dolphins. False alarm.

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Summer is:

(check out Wordle.)

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Photos from Independence Day

The unreasonable amount of stuff in the car. The trunk was full, too. All our stuff on the beach. 6 foot table, bikes, bags, tunes, etc. It was pretty cold outside, so Corelyn and I were in sweaters. Here we … Continue reading

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July 4: The Marvelous 11 Hour Beach Day

July 4. What a day. What a day. So good, guys, so good! I’ve been absent, and I’m sorry, and I left my camera charger in MI, so I can’t add pictures yet, but this is how it went: July … Continue reading

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