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Triathlon Blues

This is my sister. This is her climbing a wall in LA. She’s afraid of heights, but when she came to visit, she insisted we go rock climbing, as it is something she wanted to try. Nikki is having a … Continue reading

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Chicago, and a giant eyeball.

When I was in Chicago we went on the architectural tour and saw the city from the Chicago River. Beautiful. Here are some choice shots: Inbound… Random water tower. Building with no corner offices, so nobody thinks they’re better than … Continue reading

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Hey, Nice Wings.

Back in the day, when I was a child, my family and I went to a few runs of the Lilith Fair. We are big fans of Ms. Sarah McLachlan. She is kind of a theme song player in our … Continue reading

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In the “F” section of fiction…

Apparently, according to a quick search this morning, I have never fully explained to you my love of the book barn. Now, I did mention it a while back as my favorite place to buy books, and that it is. … Continue reading

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Got a pack of cards, Obama on audio tape, and my fave boy…

Guys: I leave today on vacay to a cruise. In the Bahamas. With Jeff. and his family. I am so excited. I am excited to have a vacation that is a real vacation: not being home (although I love being … Continue reading

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The Pioneer Woman. And my SUPER sister.

The Pioneer Woman posted my sister’s blog on her blog. Basically, my sister is famous, is what I am saying. The Pionner Woman. Scroll to Chicago. Nikki’s blog. This is me and my famous sister. And our bro.

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