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Sunday is…

waking up before your alarm. ten minutes to nine. first stop: kitchen. waffles, with the neighbor. attempted Amish Friendship bread: failure leading to tomato, onion, cheese omelet. one failed waffle. five good ones. bacon. breakfast as a family, four become … Continue reading

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Monday morning: 5 Good Things

1. Soccer began again this weekend. Translation: hanging out with 4-10 year olds, Saturday morning, learning the basics of soccer. Referring, coaching, learning, stretching, loving. 2. Guys, Sam Summer is back in action, and here to stay until August. 3. … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market: Bounty

All for $9.50. Including: broccoli, sugar snap peas, beets, basil, avocado, onions. 5 avocados for $2.00. Seriously. Salmon. Dry rubbed with paprika. Delicious. Good one, Cor. Just waiting for the salmon to come in… Orange-honey-glazed beets, carrots, and sugar snap … Continue reading

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New Love Monday

1. The Fray’s new album, even though it’s self titled. (Which I, personally, think is tacky after CD 1.) 2. The fresh orange flowers on my desk, left over from an event on campus. 3. This new styled burger I … Continue reading

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Steak ums.

I love steak ums, and last night I needed a quick dinner for Cor, Jeff, and I to eat between packing up Cor’s life. I don’t buy the packaged ones, I just make them as follows. You need: 1 package … Continue reading

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I called my mom the other day, to ask her how to make a lasagna for Easter, and she said, “Oh, Jennie, you know I don’t work from recipes!” So I had to make up my own. Cheese mixture 2 … Continue reading

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Snickerdoodles with Reese’s Pieces

A few days ago, I asked my friend El about cookies. Via email. The following is our email convo: “If you were to eat a cookie, which flavor would you like it to be?” “Matzah flavored,” he replied, since it … Continue reading

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