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A letter to Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC)

Dear Representative Wilson, I am shocked, appalled, and horrified by your outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress last night. Your failure to positively represent yourself, your constituents, and your country is a sign of your inability to do your … Continue reading

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Mrs. Obama

Dear Mrs. Michelle Obama, Can I call you Michelle? I feel right talking to you as though you were part of my family. You have brought joy to my family, and I am thankful for that. You make me feel … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Suleman, Dr. Phil

Dear Ms. Suleman, and Dr. Phil, I am concerned about the business venture you’ve begun. Ms. Suleman, It is no surprise that the public has latched onto your story and formulated its opinions. I also have my opinion: The birth … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President, Congratulations on the election and all. I was rooting for you. I voted for you. My county in Michigan voted for you by a little over 500 votes. They voted “Democrat” for the first time since the … Continue reading

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Dear China…with Love

Dear China, I am writing because I wanted to say that I missed you. I know your life has gone on without me, and that you hardly even noticed that I had left. But I remember all the good times … Continue reading

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