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Monday morning: 5 Good Things

1. Soccer began again this weekend. Translation: hanging out with 4-10 year olds, Saturday morning, learning the basics of soccer. Referring, coaching, learning, stretching, loving. 2. Guys, Sam Summer is back in action, and here to stay until August. 3. … Continue reading

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In other words, my legs are sore.

So I’ve been biking home from work on and off for 2 weeks, now. I rode home part of last week, and both Monday and Tuesday of this week. Monday was supposed to be my first day biking TO work, … Continue reading

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So Jeff bought me this shiny new toy for my birthday. It’s green. It shines. It has new brakes, an air pump, a removable basket, and some lights. In short, it is fabulous. And today, I rode it home from … Continue reading

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God wants you to recycle.

This is what I have decided: God wants you to recycle. I am sick of hearing about people who don’t care about recycling, and I am sick of hearing about people tell me why I should go to church. I … Continue reading

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Farmers’ market.

Corelyn and I went to the Farmers’ market this weekend and scored on some excellent bounty. Potatoes (red, purple, and white), some tomatoes, basil (which I made into pesto), two huge heads of lettuce, lots of avocados, zucchini and summer … Continue reading

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Save the Earth.

5 Ways to Save the Earth every day — from your desk! 1.Turn off your monitor when you leave your desk for more than a few seconds. It saves energy. Also, when you go home for the night, don’t forget … Continue reading

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Riding the Metro, in L.A.

For those of you who have seen the movie “Crash” you know that it’s a bit taboo to ride the public transit in L.A. Or, so I thought. I had been told that the subway exists, but most people seldom … Continue reading

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