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This weekend…

…it was…. girl’s night, real loud. wine, PW apps, more wine, and salad. Laughing, laughing, laughing…more wine. Laughing, crying because we’re laughing, smiling. Stories, clothing swap, “That looks great on you!” Screaming about nothing, screaming about “You are SO pretty … Continue reading

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5gts: Thursday before a LONG WEEK edition

I have six events at my job next week, so I am trying to cram all the goodness of two weeks into one. 5gts, you ask? 1. I swam 18 laps in 24:47 this morning. Faster than yesterday. I didn’t … Continue reading

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if you live to be a hundred, i hope to live to be a hundred minus one day, so i never have to live without you.

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Dear Earl

Dear Earl, I know that, as a storm, you don’t have much control over your own movements. But, this weekend, could you try to steer clear of Logan airport? I have a friend, a very dear sister friend, coming to … Continue reading

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Back to school, back to school…

I work at a school, if you haven’t gathered that already. Today is Day 1 for the high schoolers. Do you even REMEMBER the first day of high school? I don’t, but I remember plenty of DAYS from high school, … Continue reading

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Vegas, baby, Vegas.

A select few photos…

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VEGAS was…

…driving, driving, the Killers. Jesse McCartney, and this is my jam. Driving, windows up, tunes up, water, camera, and driving. Three hours, time ticks, workout mix and folksy songs, so sorry Jeff. Then trickling through civilization…a roller coaster, outlet malls, … Continue reading

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