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Sunday is…

waking up before your alarm. ten minutes to nine. first stop: kitchen. waffles, with the neighbor. attempted Amish Friendship bread: failure leading to tomato, onion, cheese omelet. one failed waffle. five good ones. bacon. breakfast as a family, four become … Continue reading

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Cotugno Style: Rules to Live By

Katie made some rules to live by. Here are 10 of my own, reposted from her comments. 1. If you look at the phone, and you don’t want to answer it, don’t. Chances are if you answer it, you’ll be … Continue reading

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“49 grams of fat?! I eat that as a snack!”

As Jeff and I are still working on our eating out 2 week challenge (which has been extended until Thursday because of some outside interference) I went to Trader Joe’s the other day with Liz to get a lunch. I … Continue reading

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Friday: Five Good Things.

1. That picture. And Kirsten being a new mom, and soon! 2. It is Friday, and tomorrow I am going for a day hike with lovely ladies who are just as excited as I am to frolic in the desert. … Continue reading

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Soy crisps: bu yao.

I just went to the grocery to get lunch, and ended up with a turkey and cheese sandwich (are you shocked?) and wanted some rice cakes to complement my meal. I love love love the carmel flavored ones. But…I decided … Continue reading

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Coaching and me: a lesson in fairness, and losing.

This picture showcases one of the hardest moments I’ve experienced in the past year or so. I am scrambling to pick five team members from my 20+ players to be the five shooters for our shootout. How do you choose … Continue reading

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Hey, Soul Sister…

In other, lighter, news, I got a hair cut. I thought you should know.  

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By the way…

I got my hair cut. Just so you know.

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Octopuses, Costa Rica, CO2, and some other junk.

Octopuses are poisonous! Costa Rica is cleaner than the US. Carbon dioxide and five other heat-trapping gases are pollutants that threaten public health and welfare. (duh.) You can make your own yogurt. It doesn’t even look that hard. Education in … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Suleman, Dr. Phil

Dear Ms. Suleman, and Dr. Phil, I am concerned about the business venture you’ve begun. Ms. Suleman, It is no surprise that the public has latched onto your story and formulated its opinions. I also have my opinion: The birth … Continue reading

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