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Dear Earl

Dear Earl, I know that, as a storm, you don’t have much control over your own movements. But, this weekend, could you try to steer clear of Logan airport? I have a friend, a very dear sister friend, coming to … Continue reading

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Flash mob, on a serious note.

Yesterday I was emailed this video by Moveon.org: While I think it’s hilarious, I also find it pretty serious. Kate and I talked about this a few weeks ago, and I think it’s really important to talk about it in … Continue reading

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5gts: Friday.

1. I went to 6:00 am yoga on Wednesday morning and my teacher’s name was Skip. I have never taken his class before, and he said at one point, while I was in Warrior 3: “Welcome to my class. If … Continue reading

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I think I’ll go to Boston…

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Hey Katie…

…you really look great tonight…you color up my life! What up, guys? It’s Kate’s birthday. I gab about her all the time, and how awesome she is, and how she’d cut a bitch if I needed her too, but also … Continue reading

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I have some grays; or alternatively: I didn’t wash my hair today.

So, I’m one of those people who tend to get caught up in a cause, works on it for a while, then lets it fade. One of those things in life was dying my gray hairs. Well, obviously my whole … Continue reading

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What up, Kate? I think you’re awesome.

This is my friend Kate. And her bf Tom. And me. That’s her 4 years ago. This is her last summer. That’s me and my bests. Last summer. I love them. Anyways, back to Kate. This is the thing: she’s … Continue reading

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