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Must of been love (could’ve been fate…)

Here comes fall. Here goes nothing. Here comes nights darkened by five, evenings of tea, book club, crafts, laughter, love. Here comes yoga, brisk walks home, smiles at work, a season full of hope. Here comes soccer, children running, trying … Continue reading

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Triathlon Blues

This is my sister. This is her climbing a wall in LA. She’s afraid of heights, but when she came to visit, she insisted we go rock climbing, as it is something she wanted to try. Nikki is having a … Continue reading

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This weekend was:

Sunshine. Scrambled eggs. My favorite girls. Tunes in my kitchen. Yoga at the gym. “Oh, we’re subleasing.” Downward facing dog. Triangle. Airplane. Walking home in the sunshine. Packing for the beach. Books, towels, blankets, pizza. Sun. In the car, tunes … Continue reading

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“Sure, get off the bus at MY house!”

This is a line I once uttered to my friend Lauren when our bus driver forgot her bus stop (AGAIN!) and I decided she could make it to gymnastics if she got off at my house and my mom dropped … Continue reading

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“49 grams of fat?! I eat that as a snack!”

As Jeff and I are still working on our eating out 2 week challenge (which has been extended until Thursday because of some outside interference) I went to Trader Joe’s the other day with Liz to get a lunch. I … Continue reading

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Monday morning: 5 Good Things

1. Soccer began again this weekend. Translation: hanging out with 4-10 year olds, Saturday morning, learning the basics of soccer. Referring, coaching, learning, stretching, loving. 2. Guys, Sam Summer is back in action, and here to stay until August. 3. … Continue reading

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January bonfire: Dockweiler, Christmas trees…

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