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“We can go that way, just watch out for the cactus.”

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I’ve lived in LA for nearly two years, but sometimes I am STILL astounded at its beauty, and our sunsets…

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and, all I did was laugh…

These girls, they are my girls. They made me laugh and laugh for one week straight. Here are the better shots of us laughing all the way home…

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Malibu: Cali wine tasting #1

Mary: your birthday was wonderful. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Happy 24, darling, and happy many more. You are radiant, and being your friend makes the world a brighter place.

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All I heard was “Rory” and “Chilton” and “Get down here.”

So in case you never knew this about me, I love Gilmore Girls. Since it started when I was a freshman in high school, and Rory was a sophomore (but going to a new school) and because Rory was a … Continue reading

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I still love not camping (unless it’s with my BFF, L.)

This past weekend, Lauren, my BFF, and I did a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, by way of Route 1 and the 101. It was a long long journey, very fun, and VERY tiring. Some highlights, you … Continue reading

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