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Your mother would want you to!

Hey all!! Here comes the busy season at my job, but as this season gets busy, what else is gearing up? The midterm elections. I encourage all of you to get out and vote. Now, before you say, “Why does … Continue reading

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“Sure, get off the bus at MY house!”

This is a line I once uttered to my friend Lauren when our bus driver forgot her bus stop (AGAIN!) and I decided she could make it to gymnastics if she got off at my house and my mom dropped … Continue reading

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In the “F” section of fiction…

Apparently, according to a quick search this morning, I have never fully explained to you my love of the book barn. Now, I did mention it a while back as my favorite place to buy books, and that it is. … Continue reading

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Got a pack of cards, Obama on audio tape, and my fave boy…

Guys: I leave today on vacay to a cruise. In the Bahamas. With Jeff. and his family. I am so excited. I am excited to have a vacation that is a real vacation: not being home (although I love being … Continue reading

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Home to Camp Waterloo.

Today I arrived at the airport clad in my Earth boots, a sweater, jacket, and a hat. I was ready to take Michigan on. It was 7:00 am, and my flight was at 5:30 pm. I was attempting to get … Continue reading

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Georgia, you know that you’ve been on my mind…

Well, not really. Not Georgia. Michigan. But Michigan is not as sexy as Georgia. Anyways, guess what folks? I get to go back to MI on Friday night! Although I arrive on Saturday very early in the morning, and am … Continue reading

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