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Sunday is…

Sunday is…sleeping in past the time you think you’re going to sleep to. Up to rain, knowing that North = sunshine (maybe.) Picked up by a best friend. Wandering around Target for 30 minutes looking for a non-highfructosecornsyrupy snack. Peanut … Continue reading

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24 Things I want for my birthday.

Since I am turning 24, I would like you to do me 24 favors. I think you can do them all, and I think it might not be that hard, AND I think you’ll come off on the other side … Continue reading

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Listen through silence.

I wanted to share a few song lyrics this week, but sometimes when you post something people assume that you’re feeling that way. So disclaimer: I am not experiencing this emotion, but rather the memory of it, which always stays … Continue reading

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More embarassing Hanson

Pictures I took with my phone…because they took my camera. How embarrassing…

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So you might not know this. But I love Hanson. Sometimes I take trains to cars to pick me up to bring me to Hanson. Hanson always involves coffee. And embarrassing crowds.

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Get away, and come with me…

Hi chickens!!! I am back, and I am sorry I have been gone for so long. The flu is no fun, but I feel mostly over it now, although I keep getting tired, but we’ll see how that goes. Today … Continue reading

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My heart losing ground (slowing down)

The other night I went with two of my Kasteel Muffins (the ladies I studied abroad with) to Amoeba. Traci and Caitlin had never been, and I was horrified. After a full day (including the Getty Center, pictures to come) … Continue reading

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There is a man testing the fire alarm.

Today is the day when they test the fire alarms at my job, and there is a man here who is going to test them. As such, I cannot focus on work, and instead am going to update you! So, … Continue reading

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New Music: Fridays

I went to Amoeba last Sunday, but I’ve had such a whirlwind week it was hard for me to find time to write this post. I finally own: “The Madding Crowd” by Nine Days “…Somewhere More Familiar” by Sister Hazel … Continue reading

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Excuse me, I believe I’ve left my Pandora running…

I’m not sure when Pandora started enforcing a 40 hour listening limit, but they have. And I’ve reached my limit, which seems obvious because I use it the whole time at work. I’ll only have to pay $0.99 to keep … Continue reading

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