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Flash mob, on a serious note.

Yesterday I was emailed this video by Moveon.org: While I think it’s hilarious, I also find it pretty serious. Kate and I talked about this a few weeks ago, and I think it’s really important to talk about it in … Continue reading

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Friday’s hero: Representative Weiner, you steal my heart.

As Rep. Weiner wrote for the New York Times: I love the House of Representatives and its rules, and I was careful to respect regular order. But I believe sometimes we mistakenly assume you can’t follow those rules and also … Continue reading

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I am my politics.

Now, I haven’t gotten too political here, lately. I usually reserve that for Facebook, because I can do it faster, posting links, or just opinions. Plus, I think a lot of you feel kinda like me, and would rather here … Continue reading

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Halloween: Arts, crafts, and goddesses

  Every now and then…or every year…I like to dress up for Halloween. Last year, if you don’t remember, I was Sarah Palin, which was successful because Jeff was Joe Biden.       This year Corelyn and I put … Continue reading

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A letter to Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC)

Dear Representative Wilson, I am shocked, appalled, and horrified by your outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress last night. Your failure to positively represent yourself, your constituents, and your country is a sign of your inability to do your … Continue reading

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Can we talk about something sticky?

I was browsing CNN, and came across an article: “Senate approves resolution apologizing for slavery.” The Senate, our senate, 100 men and women from 50 states, took time out of this important, important year and cycle to discuss a bill … Continue reading

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Blocking access to visitor logs: good or bad?

I know that in the USA, we have lived the past 8 years in lies upon lies. And I know that everyone is frustrated, we want the truth, we want open policies, we want answers to our questions. As a … Continue reading

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Mrs. Obama

Dear Mrs. Michelle Obama, Can I call you Michelle? I feel right talking to you as though you were part of my family. You have brought joy to my family, and I am thankful for that. You make me feel … Continue reading

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Only Barack Anews My Avidity

It’s a new day. In this, our United States of America, we have proved that change will come. Has come. Will begin shortly, after a massive party in our Capital. An ode to Barack: Wake up, coffee brewing. It’s a … Continue reading

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A photograph is 1000 words…

Look at the differences in these photographs. The first one is from The New York Times and the second is from CNN. I wonder why they desaturated it….thoughts??? NYTimes CNN

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