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Only Barack Anews My Avidity

It’s a new day. In this, our United States of America, we have proved that change will come. Has come. Will begin shortly, after a massive party in our Capital. An ode to Barack: Wake up, coffee brewing. It’s a … Continue reading

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A photograph is 1000 words…

Look at the differences in these photographs. The first one is from The New York Times and the second is from CNN. I wonder why they desaturated it….thoughts??? NYTimes CNN

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Good morning, change. How do you take your coffee?

Jason Mraz sings the song that, minus nibbling ears, sums up exactly how I feel about Barack Obama. It’s time to tell him. I’m his. Let’s get it done. I am sure I can be some help. “Well you done … Continue reading

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Hope for the Hopeless? Yes, there is.

It was a momentous night last night. I was with a group of friends, enjoying our Obama cupcakes, and enjoying our new found hope… Yesterday seemed to be the longest day of my life. I kept listening to the Brett … Continue reading

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Yes, we carve!

Last night, Jeff and I carved our pumpkin into an Barack O’Lantern. I got the idea when I was thinking of what we could carve this year. Each year, I try to theme my pumpkin. Four years ago, we did … Continue reading

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Why I voted for Barack Obama.

A friend recently asked me who he should vote for and what I thought about the candidates. I’ve already voted for Obama, so I decided to show him why I voted for Obama and why I think voting for McCain … Continue reading

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A Rant. A Rave.

In this election, there have been many moments that I have become so frustrated I have just wanted to pull my hair out. Because I am becoming my mother, I have been constantly posting articles onto my Facebook and forwarding … Continue reading

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