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Flash mob, on a serious note.

Yesterday I was emailed this video by Moveon.org: While I think it’s hilarious, I also find it pretty serious. Kate and I talked about this a few weeks ago, and I think it’s really important to talk about it in … Continue reading

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What up, Kate? I think you’re awesome.

This is my friend Kate. And her bf Tom. And me. That’s her 4 years ago. This is her last summer. That’s me and my bests. Last summer. I love them. Anyways, back to Kate. This is the thing: she’s … Continue reading

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Soy crisps: bu yao.

I just went to the grocery to get lunch, and ended up with a turkey and cheese sandwich (are you shocked?) and wanted some rice cakes to complement my meal. I love love love the carmel flavored ones. But…I decided … Continue reading

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Ex-homosexual? What?

I was biking home and I was handed a flyer from a woman wearing a shirt that said “Ex-slave.” I was intrigued. I looked at the flyer after I parked my bike, and it had a picture of a girl … Continue reading

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God wants you to recycle.

This is what I have decided: God wants you to recycle. I am sick of hearing about people who don’t care about recycling, and I am sick of hearing about people tell me why I should go to church. I … Continue reading

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Can we talk about…swine flu?

Can we talk about…how we’ve found “patient zero” and now need everyone to know his name, where he lives, and what he looks like? I know that swine flu isn’t a huge deal. More people die from the regular flu … Continue reading

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Things I don’t understand

1. People who don’t want gay marriage legalized 2. People who think torture is OK 3. People who think both 1. and 2. are true 4. People who think 1. and 2. and also that abortion is murder. Happy Friday, … Continue reading

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