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Vegas, baby, Vegas.

A select few photos…

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This weekend will be:

This weekend will be: Fast. Full of travel. Full of planes: four. Two layovers. Airport food, and lots of coffee. coffee, coffee, coffee. It will be beautiful, and full of tears. It will include good food, friends, and family. Include … Continue reading

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Charleston: Charleston, South Carolina.

The man who picked us up at the airport told me I had to stay Charleston twice. Because otherwise, people will focus on the “South Carolina” part. So far, so good. Lizzie and I have been having a great time, … Continue reading

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…the last of the great pioneer town bars…

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We drove out to the desert just to lie down…

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Georgia, you know that you’ve been on my mind…

Well, not really. Not Georgia. Michigan. But Michigan is not as sexy as Georgia. Anyways, guess what folks? I get to go back to MI on Friday night! Although I arrive on Saturday very early in the morning, and am … Continue reading

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Photography of the Metro

The floor of the Hollywood/Highland station. Downtown from the train. benches to sit on. A bench that is a chest.

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