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I believe in miracles [you sexy thing]


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Dillon Wedding: Ceremony photos

Some photos from the ceremony: We are all crying. Luckily, my dress had pockets to store tissues in!

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Please excuse this slight delay…

As a bridesmaid, I did most of the things I was supposed to do: cracked jokes at the rehearsal, hugged everyone like I knew them, got my hair done at 7 am, held it together with 41 bobby pins, practiced … Continue reading

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This weekend will be:

This weekend will be: Fast. Full of travel. Full of planes: four. Two layovers. Airport food, and lots of coffee. coffee, coffee, coffee. It will be beautiful, and full of tears. It will include good food, friends, and family. Include … Continue reading

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Bridesmaid dress.

I went shopping this weekend. Work is picking up busy again, so I can’t say much, but I can show you this pretty bridesmaid dress I got. You can’t really tell, but it’s got a lot of detail on the … Continue reading

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Dream Post: A wedding, roller skates.

I had a dream: I was at my friend Bec’s house, and we were getting ready for a wedding for one of her friends. We were getting dressed, and knew it was time to go to the wedding. So we … Continue reading

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Dream Post 9: Spiders and we’re related?

I had a dream: I was sitting in a hotel, with Jeff, and my family, and I realized there was a bump on my back. It was full of spider eggs. Jeff got it off me, but then he found … Continue reading

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