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Taking the plunge: public pools, sharing lanes.

This week I’ve finally decided to start swimming at the gym. I bought a bathing suit a few weekends back, and I already had goggles. Swim cap ready, I headed to the gym Monday morning after waking up too late … Continue reading

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5gts: Friday before Halloween Edition

1. Today I am dressed as one of my coworkers, who I told last year I would dress as. He came up to me today and said, “So are you dressed like me?” (I was.) 2. Tomorrow I am going … Continue reading

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This ain’t your mama’s yoga, boo.

This is what Skip, my lovely yoga teacher, said to me at 6:30 am while I was in elbow side plank. Happy mid-week, everyone! I am feeling good after two sessions of yoga 12 hours apart…maybe I am turning into … Continue reading

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This weekend was:

Sunshine. Scrambled eggs. My favorite girls. Tunes in my kitchen. Yoga at the gym. “Oh, we’re subleasing.” Downward facing dog. Triangle. Airplane. Walking home in the sunshine. Packing for the beach. Books, towels, blankets, pizza. Sun. In the car, tunes … Continue reading

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Monday Morning: Drink a bottle of water, on an empty stomach

Last night I asked Jeff if he thought I should go to yoga this morning. I explained my reasons for and against, and after a pause, he said, “No pain, no gain.” I’d have to agree. So I got up … Continue reading

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5gts: Friday.

1. I went to 6:00 am yoga on Wednesday morning and my teacher’s name was Skip. I have never taken his class before, and he said at one point, while I was in Warrior 3: “Welcome to my class. If … Continue reading

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24 Things I want for my birthday.

Since I am turning 24, I would like you to do me 24 favors. I think you can do them all, and I think it might not be that hard, AND I think you’ll come off on the other side … Continue reading

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